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February 10, 2016

Sweetest Day of Sweetest Week–I’m Sure Now Available!

perf5.000x8.000.inddAnd for the grand finale of this Candy Heart Series here, my own story, I’m Sure, is out today!

Pond designer Megan is not sure she can trust a man again, and Jason, a firefighter, is the poster boy for unpredictable. Is St. Valentine powerful enough to bring these two together?

After working at a nursery similar to the one Megan works at, I can tell you for sure, life is better around water ponds.  And who doesn’t feel better when there’s a hunky fireman nearby? I hope you’ll enhance your Valentine’s week by spending time with Megan, her  water gardens, and soon-to-be hers hunky firefighter Jason? You’ll have to find out!

Purchase at or

Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 09, 2016

Sweet Week–More Candy Hearts

candyheartspictureHot Stuff by C.J. Fosdick
Her reaction to “Hot Stuff” threatens her comfort zone, and every other zone in her body.

For Keeps by Veronica Lynch
Does Meg stay in a high-stress job which fulfills her professionally and spiritually, or devote her life to the person who completes her?

Available tomorrow, February 10, at and

February 08, 2016

Welcome Valentine’s Day Week!

3 Wishes by Peggy Jaeger
Chloe’s fantasy man hasn’t materialized, despite the matchmaking efforts of her Italian family, but this year, for her birthday, she just might get her three wishes.

Not Tonight by Barbara Burke
On a dark London night in the middle of a blitz, is it possible to fall in love?

Only Yours by Nancy Fraser
Can Rebecca expect her family and Garrett to understand that her desires have turned to his older brother? 

Ooh La La by Doreen Alsen
Male Exotic Dancer + Buttoned Up Accountant = True Love.

Available at and

February 06, 2016

Tony From I’m Sure Adds His Two Cents About Jason

perf5.000x8.000.inddI didn’t expect to take another peak inside my upcoming Candy Heart series book I’m Sure. The  release date is only four days away, on February 10th. But Tony, the fire fighter who makes all the meals for Jason and the guys wants to–

“Yeh, I want to represent for Jason. I’m Tony, and I work with the guy. We’re both firefighters and paramedics. I don’t think Ms. Breton—”

Please, Tony; Beverly is fine. 

“Okay, Beverly then. Pretty sure you weren’t planning on talking to me — professional courtesy, I guess, because of my job and my family responsibilities. Didn’t want to take up my time. I do have two numbskull boys I love like crazy, and a wife who is an angel.” Tony drops his head as he flips cutlets in an oversized frying pan. “No question I miss important occasions because of work.”

Tony’s Italian, like Jason, and I can tell by watching, this man knows his way around the kitchen.

“Like I just missed my oldest’s first home run. He can hit okay, but man, can he run. Like a streak.” Tony beams me a wide smile. “Jason pays attention to all this stuff, you know, with the boys, and the wife. How I work on juggling everything. He’s no fool.” Tony gives a quick stir to a pot on the back burner. “He knows having a family with this job can be a circus act.”

Cracking apart a garlic head with a whack of his knife, Tony lines up the cloves and begins to mince.

“Jason’s up for the challenge. That’s not the hold up. The problem is he’s gun-shy. His last relationship, that woman wasn’t good enough for him. She wanted him at her beck and call. That’s not happening.” He stares at the cutting board, nodding. “You seen Jason?”

I nod, then realize Tony only has eyes only for the garlic. Yes, I answer, I have.

He shakes his head with a laugh. “Of course you have. I wasn’t thinking. You know then—“ He gives me an intent stare. “He’s fly paper for women. The way he looks? And if you haven’t seen him without a shirt?”

Yes again, Tony, I have, but I keep that to myself.

“Woo-heee. Muscles city. He can outwork any of us in the training room. And he does, all the time.”

Tony’s heating the garlic in some butter. The smell is to die for, and I bet it’s for garlic bread. Anyone eating in Tony’s kitchen on a regular basis would need to work out.  

“But I have to wonder what’s driving him to take to the gym so hard. More than he needs to stay in shape, that’s for sure.” The burly firefighter throws a checked dish towel his shoulder. “Jason hasn’t mentioned this Megan. That’s not his style. But he’s been different. Like he’s walking above the ground or something.”

I smile. This is good news.

“You know, Ms., ah, Beverly, I hope this is the one, this Megan. And I hope he sees it. Time for him to be happy…”

I couldn’t agree with you more, Tony.  Now please add a plate for me at the table?


Preorder I’m Sure, coming out February 10, at and


February 05, 2016

3 Wishes by Peggy Jaeger

perf5.000x8.000.inddThis story is so smile-producing, my wish is that everyone have some Peggy Jaeger to read as a daily routine. From the first page, when Chloe ducks to avoid the Italian leather belt whizzing by as her mother culls the house of her husband’s belongings, a husband who has taken off with “the bottled blonde puttana,” I was part of Chloe’s big Italian family. And I wasn’t going anywhere until I found out what was going to happen, with Chloe and the dream man she has wished for since she was 15, not to mention Chloe’s mother, father, and the puttana. As a bonus, Chloe is a master confectioner, so along the way, we can vicariously enjoy all the delicious candy she creates and offers to Matt, the doctor who is step-by-step revealed to be the very man she’s wished for. This is one accomplished author who makes writing charming stories look so easy. You want to read 3 Wishes!

Available for purchase on February 8, 2016, at and


Be My Love by J.C. McKenzie

perf5.000x8.000.inddJ.C McKenzie is an absolute master at creating a scene so real, you feel you are there every step of the way. You will be drawn in to the snowstorm that brings Brenna and Eric together after a decade-old misunderstanding in high school. You will feel the stiffness and aches Brenna incurs when she slides off the road into a snow bank in her truck. You will be bumped over the snow on the snowmobile ride Eric and Brenna take after Eric rescues her from the frozen truck. You will feel the chill in the cabin, smell the hot chocolate Brenna makes and then spills all over Eric, and feel the warmth of the fire in the fireplace…the perfect prelude for the heat that exudes from these two during their winter-storm Valentine’s weekend of love making. This is a Champagne Rose story, which is as hot as it gets in the mainstream category, so be ready to take the full ride with these two, from attraction, to lust, to passion, to happy-ever-after. You won’t be disappointed!

Purchase at and

February 03, 2016

Count Down To Valentine’s Day With More Candy Hearts

candyheartspictureFind Me by Cait Jarrod
Now that she’s showed up at her high school reunion, does Lyse pursue the man with her companion candy heart, or follow her own heart?

Got Love by Angela Hayes
Cupid Tharin Terize wants fairy Flora Hawthorne to be his Valentine, not just for one night but for the rest of all time.

Ask Me by Laura Strickland
She never expects button-down Leo to hit all her buttons, but by the next morning, her hearts in danger. 

Available at or


Marry Me by Heidi Wessman Kneale

perf5.000x8.000.inddJust when I thought the creative uses of conversation hearts by Candy Heart authors couldn’t get any better, I read another story and am delighted anew!

Wait until you discover what Heidi Wessman Kneale has her candy hearts are up to in this sweet fun magical story. I love that Millie and Ray are not your clichéd romance heroine and hero. Mildred watches the suffragettes with longing; she wishes she could speak up and be heard. And Raymond stutters. Marry Me is a feel-good story for sure. Love triumphs, and the villain, a greasy “door knocker” who is forcing his suit on Millie, gets squashed but good. Cheers for Marry Me!

February 01, 2016

February, the Month of Love!

I’m excited it’s February!! Three more releases today from the Candy Heart Series, and two more release dates until I’m Sure, my own Candy Hearts story comes out on February 10th.  This is a good month! Read on…

Be My Love by J.C. McKenzie
Can a snow storm and secluded cabin help Eric convince Brenna to be his love?

Dare Me by Debra Druzy
They say business and pleasure don’t mix, but champagne goes with everything…

Marry Me by Heidi Wessman Kneale
Never let a stutter get in the way of what you have to say.