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February 06, 2016

Tony From I’m Sure Adds His Two Cents About Jason

perf5.000x8.000.inddI didn’t expect to take another peak inside my upcoming Candy Heart series book I’m Sure. The  release date is only four days away, on February 10th. But Tony, the fire fighter who makes all the meals for Jason and the guys wants to–

“Yeh, I want to represent for Jason. I’m Tony, and I work with the guy. We’re both firefighters and paramedics. I don’t think Ms. Breton—”

Please, Tony; Beverly is fine. 

“Okay, Beverly then. Pretty sure you weren’t planning on talking to me — professional courtesy, I guess, because of my job and my family responsibilities. Didn’t want to take up my time. I do have two numbskull boys I love like crazy, and a wife who is an angel.” Tony drops his head as he flips cutlets in an oversized frying pan. “No question I miss important occasions because of work.”

Tony’s Italian, like Jason, and I can tell by watching, this man knows his way around the kitchen.

“Like I just missed my oldest’s first home run. He can hit okay, but man, can he run. Like a streak.” Tony beams me a wide smile. “Jason pays attention to all this stuff, you know, with the boys, and the wife. How I work on juggling everything. He’s no fool.” Tony gives a quick stir to a pot on the back burner. “He knows having a family with this job can be a circus act.”

Cracking apart a garlic head with a whack of his knife, Tony lines up the cloves and begins to mince.

“Jason’s up for the challenge. That’s not the hold up. The problem is he’s gun-shy. His last relationship, that woman wasn’t good enough for him. She wanted him at her beck and call. That’s not happening.” He stares at the cutting board, nodding. “You seen Jason?”

I nod, then realize Tony only has eyes only for the garlic. Yes, I answer, I have.

He shakes his head with a laugh. “Of course you have. I wasn’t thinking. You know then—“ He gives me an intent stare. “He’s fly paper for women. The way he looks? And if you haven’t seen him without a shirt?”

Yes again, Tony, I have, but I keep that to myself.

“Woo-heee. Muscles city. He can outwork any of us in the training room. And he does, all the time.”

Tony’s heating the garlic in some butter. The smell is to die for, and I bet it’s for garlic bread. Anyone eating in Tony’s kitchen on a regular basis would need to work out.  

“But I have to wonder what’s driving him to take to the gym so hard. More than he needs to stay in shape, that’s for sure.” The burly firefighter throws a checked dish towel his shoulder. “Jason hasn’t mentioned this Megan. That’s not his style. But he’s been different. Like he’s walking above the ground or something.”

I smile. This is good news.

“You know, Ms., ah, Beverly, I hope this is the one, this Megan. And I hope he sees it. Time for him to be happy…”

I couldn’t agree with you more, Tony.  Now please add a plate for me at the table?


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