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February 05, 2016

3 Wishes by Peggy Jaeger

perf5.000x8.000.inddThis story is so smile-producing, my wish is that everyone have some Peggy Jaeger to read as a daily routine. From the first page, when Chloe ducks to avoid the Italian leather belt whizzing by as her mother culls the house of her husband’s belongings, a husband who has taken off with “the bottled blonde puttana,” I was part of Chloe’s big Italian family. And I wasn’t going anywhere until I found out what was going to happen, with Chloe and the dream man she has wished for since she was 15, not to mention Chloe’s mother, father, and the puttana. As a bonus, Chloe is a master confectioner, so along the way, we can vicariously enjoy all the delicious candy she creates and offers to Matt, the doctor who is step-by-step revealed to be the very man she’s wished for. This is one accomplished author who makes writing charming stories look so easy. You want to read 3 Wishes!

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