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January 21, 2016

Real Love by Charlotte Copper

Monda is on her way to be delivered to her new master when her spaceship crash lands on an unknown planet. Her mistress is unconscious; Lieutenant Patrick Lancaster is anything but when he steps out of his shuttle craft and lands his gaze on this blue-haired vision. Monda dreams of a love pairing, and this unexpected detour may offer an escape from her expected path. But has the alluring Patrick already chosen his ship mate Demonna for his love mate? Monda wants to be rescued from her fate, Patrick is the man to do it, and Charlotte Copper is the author to write a charming story with a surprising twist about these two in a fantasy universe, keeping us happily engaged right to the very end. Monda is no helpless victim. A few more blinks of her large eyes, an introduction to popcorn, movies, and sweet candy hearts on the mother ship, and Monda could find her fantasy coming true…