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January 23, 2016

For You by Emma Kaye

perf5.000x8.000.inddFinancial advisor Drew wants more in his life than work, but hasn’t met anyone…until he risks his life to save a friend, and wakes up in Regency London, the spitting image of a lost-at-sea earl whose bed he is sprawled across. Leaning over him is the earl’s lovely widow Julia, Lady Engledown, who is bereft, not because her heinous husband is gone but because he drained her inheritance and made no arrangements for her and his mother. The selfish cousin has already staked claim to the family estate. Masquerading as the returned earl, to whom Drew bears an uncanny resemblance, Drew rights the financial wrongs he uncovers, along the way realizing Julia is the woman for him. Too bad she’s from a different century. Emma Kaye gives us what we want in a time-travel Regency romance—an entertaining story juxtaposing Drew’s modern off-the-cuff responses with the proper conduct of Lady Engledown—until we happily discover Lady Julia is not so proper in the bedroom. In the best of historical traditions, at the end, Drew is rewarded for putting concern for those he cares about above any concern about himself. A well-done story sure to please regency and romance readers alike.


One thought on “For You by Emma Kaye

  1. Casi McLean says:

    Beverly, I love Emma Kay’s stories and time travel spins me into a world where anything is possible. Thanks so much for sharing this Candy Hearts book! “For You” …just added to my “Can’t Wait To Read” list… :-)

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