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March 11, 2016

Tattoos And Tweed: Ask Me by Laura Strickland

I love Leo and Gerri and this charming story.  He’s a history professor who chooses tweed, she’s a tattoo artist who loves Steampunk, and neither of them have plans for Valentine’s Day. Until they end up at the library at the same time on Valentine’s Day, drawn in by the Blind Date With A Book notice.  But there’s only one wrapped book left, and neither wants to face heading back to an apartment without a book for their blind date!  (Is this not the best idea ever?) So the librarian suggests they share…

This is a delightful opposites attract story, believable and touching, with two very likable characters who want to risk, but don’t want to be hurt again. I finished Ask Me with a happy smile on my face. I’m betting you will, too.